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 +==== CAN FAQs (and answers) in the net ====
 +There are not only the FAQ list on this web site  but a lot more spread all over the net. If you find one, and it is worth, put a link here or drop the admin a note.
 +  * [[http://web.warwick.ac.uk/devicenet/can_faq.htm | CAN FAQ ]]  at the university of Warwick UK (old)
 +  * [[http://web.warwick.ac.uk/devicenet/devicenet_faq.htm | DeviceNet FAQ]] at the university of Warwick UK (old)
 +  * [[https://secure.odva.org/forms/DrDeviceNet_Form.html | Ask Dr. DeviceNet]] not really a FAQ, but ..
 +  * [[$FILE/DeviceNet%20FAQs.txt | Dr. DeviceNet Q&A]] a text file of the Dr. DeviceNet Q&A.
 +  * [[http://www.mksinst.com/docs/UR/device.aspx | How to select and develop a DeviceNet network]]
 +  * [[http://www.oberle.org/can-faq.html | Gestion de bus CAN - FAQ]] (French)

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