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 +===== Using 29bit extended IDs for CANopen =====
 +The CiA recommendation (and who would ignore CiA recommendations?) is TO NOT use the 29-bit identifiers at all. Also,  there is no specification on how 29-bit IDs could be used.\\ 
 +Use the same numerical Id's, use 4 bit function code and 7 bit for node Id, and use the full range of 29 bit for PDO only. There are other places in the CANopen protocol where node id must be specified, e.g. the NMT protocol, where only 7-bits are available.\\ 
 +The conclusion: even when using 29bit Identifiers, CANopen Supports only 127 node addresses.
 +It also needs to be mentioned that the identifiers for the NMT object, for the Default-SDO and for the NMT Error Control Message cannot be changed and therefore have to be always 11-bit identifiers.\\

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