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CAN Higher Layer Protocols

This page summarizes all other higher layer protocols using CAN.
If no other information are worth to be collected here the links are going directly to other web sites.

  • CANopen industrial field bus developed by CiA
  • Devicenet industrial field bus developed by ODVA
  • EnergyBus CANopen and Power in one cable - developed to be used in Light Electric Vehicles
  • ISO 11783 ISO Bus
  • ISO 11992 is a CAN based vehicle bus standard by the heavy duty truck industry. It is used for communication between the tractor and one or more trailers. Wikipedia.
  • ISO-TP protocol of ISO 15765-2
  • KEFEX is KEFEX CAN based ?
  • Mil CAN CAN protocol defined by a group of interested companies and government bodies for use in military vehicles.
  • NMEA200 CAN protocol defined by the US based National Marine Electronics Association
  • SDS Smart Distributed System, protocol originally developed by Honeywell
  • VSCP Very Simple Control Protocol

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