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   * [[http://www.ifi-pld.de/IP/Advanced_CAN/advanced_can.html | IFI Advanced CAN IP]]   * [[http://www.ifi-pld.de/IP/Advanced_CAN/advanced_can.html | IFI Advanced CAN IP]]
-  * [[http://www.ifi-pld.de/IP/CANFD/canfd.html | IFI CAN_FD IP]] :-) +  * [[http://www.ifi-pld.de/IP/CANFD/canfd.html | IFI CAN_FD IP]] :-) The CAN FD core has been implemented on Altera products. The transmission mode can be sitched between ISO mode and non-ISO mode by one configuration bit. One of the first users was Vector followed by HMS (formerly Ixxat). The IP core has been pretested by the c&s group. IXXAT has a two channel [[can_interfaces:main#pci_interfaces|PCI]] board
- +

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