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CAN Device Drivers or other lower layer CAN software

Nearly all PC interface vendors (ISA, PCI, PCIe, PC104 ..) have there proprietary drivers, at least for Windows™.

Device Drivers


  • can4linux one of the first available CAN device drivers for Linux. The project started in 1995 already. Manual pages Doxygen generated. can4linux
  • SocketCAN is a network layer driver for CAN. It is part of the Linux kernel since some years.


  • EMS Wünsche: CPC series driver for all Windows operating systems
  • HMS / IXXAT: VCI drivers
  • NI National Instruments


Look at QNX


  • emtas GmbH Supported CAN controllers are msCAN on MPC5200, with CANopen higher layer
  • port offers an version for SJA1000 based CAN controllers


  • can4osx User-space driver for OSX using IOKitLib and IOUSBLib CAN to USB Adapters using the Kvaser canlib API. Based on Kvaser canlib linux driver.
  • MacCAN OS X Library for PCAN-USB Interfaces using Apple´s IOUSBKit. The library comes with an Objective-C wrapper and a demo App

Low level CAN driver software

python-can- an open source Python library for creating CAN utilities that uses SocketCAN or Kvaser drivers.

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