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The CiA regularly organizes international CAN Conferences. The proceedings a available from the CiA office at http://www.can-cia.org/icc/proceedings.html. Some of the papers are available in the Internet

  1. ItemIntCanConfA 1st iCC Erlangen 1994
  2. IntCanConfB 2nd iCC London, October 1995
  3. IntCanConfC 3rd iCC Paris, October 1996
  4. IntCanConfD 4th iCC Berlin 1997
  5. IntCanConfE 5th iCC San Jose 1998
  6. IntCanConfF 6th iCC Torino 1999
  7. IntCanConfG 7th iCC Amsterdam 2000
  8. IntCanConfH 8th iCC Las Vegas 2002
  9. IntCanConfI 9th iCC Munich 2003
  10. IntCanConfJ 10th iCC Rome 2005
  11. IntCanConfK 11th iCC Stockholm 2006
  12. IntCanConfL 12th iCC Barcelona 2008
  13. IntCanConfM 13th iCC Hambach Castle 2012

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