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Who is Who in CAN

Who is Who ? Fortunately not all the important persons are presented by pictures, but only by papers. Here are some. Feel free to add if you know someone. Ask for permission before posting or use public available portrait pictures.

Andreas Boebel

Andreas Boebel, CEO of Emtas. Member of many CiA special interest groups.

http://www.broster.co.uk/pics/ianbroster.gif Ian Broster http://www.broster.co.uk/][

John Dammeyer

John Dammeyer, CEO of Automation Artisans Inc. , Canada.

Konrad Etschberger

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konrad Etschberger, founder of IXXAT, Author of Controller Area Network (CAN)

http://www.eurosource.se/images/ake.gif Ake Hedman http://www.eurosource.se/akhe/

Uwe Koppe

Uwe Koppe, Technical Director of CiA, CEO of Microcontrol

http://www.elektronikladen.de/images/bu-lawrenz.jpg Prof. Wolfhard Lawrenz

Arnulf Lockmann

Arnulf Lockmann, Business Director of CiA (2005- 26.03.2014), CEO of Janz † 26.03.2014

Richard McLaughlin

Richard McLaughlin WCT Solutions

Heinz-Jürgen Oertel

Heinz-Jürgen Oertel, Technical Director of, CiA 2003 – March 2012

Martin Rostan

Martin Rostan, Chairmen of the CiA IG CANopen

Christian Schlegel

Christian Schlegel, CEO of IXXAT which is a HMS company since 2013

http://www.mjschofield.com/gif/mugshot.gif Mike J Schofield. http://www.mjschofield.com

Dr Tang

Dr. Tang Learned at Warwick control and has now his own business in Malaysia.

Holger Zeltwanger

Holger Zeltwanger, Chairman of CiA

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