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CAN controller certification

For the testing philosophy of CAN chips see http://www.cs-group.de/attached/sae99pc349.PDF This Paper is not anymore available. Who knows where to get it? SAE

But there is another one by Wolfhard Lawrenz “Conformance Test of In-Vehicle Communication Protocols - Why?http://www.cs-group.de/uploads/media/CT_Concept_02.pdf

The following standards are important:

  • ISO 11898-1:2015: CAN Data link layer and physical signaling for Classical CAN and CAN FD
  • ISO 11898-2: CAN High Speed Physical Layer
  • ISO 11898-3: CAN Low-speed, fault-tolerant, medium-dependent interface
  • ISO 11898-4: TTCAN Time-triggered communication
  • ISO 11898-5: CAN High-speed medium access unit with low-power mode
  • ISO 11898-6:2013: High-speed medium access unit with selective wake-up functionality
  • ISO 16845-1:2016: CAN Conformance Test Plan, since Oct 2016 it covers Classical CAN and the CAN FD protocols.
    An update regarding REC increment on CRC error is available at CiA web site.
  • ISO 16845-2 CAN FD Physical Layer Test Plan

Test Lab C&S is testing compliance with OSI Layer 2.


Chip Manufacturer Test Lab
SJA1000 Philips .
PIC18FXX8 Microchip C&S
C_CAN IP Bosch C&S
T89C51CC01 Atmel C&S
T89C51CC02 Atmel C&S
ATMega32M1 Atmel C&S
BF534/536/537Analog Devices C&S
MB96340 Fujitsu ?
TMS320F2803x Texas Instruments ?
HI-3110 Holt Inc. C&S
μPD70F34x (V850) Renesas (NEC) C&S
?? Freescale ?

The table is not complete! Please visit this for a table maintained by C&S for CAN Standalone Controller, Micro controller and CAN-IPs.

The lab tests OSI layer 1 too, for High- and Low-Speed Transceivers. C&S maintains two tables for tested products

The Germany based IHR is another well-known test expert, which is going to provide a test tool compliant to ISO 16845-1..

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