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 ===== CTU CAN FD Core ===== ===== CTU CAN FD Core =====
 +Open-source CAN FD core
 +The Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague has developed an open-source CAN FD core and appropriate development tools. The core complies with ISO 11898-1:2015. The IP core is available under MIT license conditions. The basic features include a RX first-in, first-out (Fifo) buffer of 32 words to 4 096 words equivalent to one to 204 CAN FD data frames and four TX buffers for one CAN FD data frame each. Time stamping of frames is supported as well as time-triggered transmission of data frames.
 The VHDL open-source CAN FD core project. The VHDL open-source CAN FD core project.

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