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Try to put the latest devices on top of each section and mark end-of-line products. Only specify the main parameters of the micro controllers and go more into deep with details about the CAN interface. Always try to put a link to the data sheet or manual.

8 bit Controllers

16 bit Controllers

DSTni™ EX-184B uP, 2xEthernet, PHY, USB, CAN, Includes RTOS & TCP / IP SW, extended x186 architecture, original manufacturer is Lantronix

  • DSTni-LX-001
  • DSTni-LX-002
  • DSTni-LX-180BP

do all have the same CAN module and implement two channels.

32 bit Controllers

gridARM - 32 Bit ARM7TDMI @80Mhz System on a chip with Gigabit Ethernet and CAN. The Hardware reference manual describes CAN in chapter 33.


Stand alone CAN Controllers

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